Saturday, October 3, 2009

Making Morgan's Beds

I have been furry busy lately, cutting and sewing my little paws to the bones! It is my job to ensure that kittys have special beds, soft, warm and fun. They must be up to my standards - which means the humans must be happy with them too.

This bed is The Attack of the Monkeys - MOL!!!!!!!

This bed is called Quinn the Cootie Killer, fur my special friend Quinn.

It is fun to make different kinds of beds - I would like to know if you had you choice of a Morgan's Bed - what kind of fabric would you ask for?

Purrs & Bonks


Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Most Popular Bed

Mom made Gypsy & Amber a special Morgan's Bed after they fell in love with Baxter's Celtics Bed. Well don't you know it? Now it's the most popular bed in the house!

Gypsy and Amber testing their bed.

Now being Quality Control, I had to make sure it was up to MY standards!

Then Amigo had to test it out to see if it passed his inspections. He said it did.

Next up was my second in command Inspector Lakoda. He said with the blanket it was perfect

But he also went the extra mile and tested it with Gypsy, to be sure it fit a dog AND a cat!

Happily the bed passed ALL Inspections!

A furry happy day on Morgan's Pirate Ship!